Bitcoin Savings Account with Interest: Magnr

Magnr Bitcoin Saving Account

Resource: Bitcoin Savings Account with Interest – Recommended by CryptoMine IT

Magnr is an online Bitcoin Savings account that offers interest. The rates vary according to promotions that they are running. At the time of writing, the interest rate they offer on bitcoin savings is 1.29%.

They are able to offer this interest by using the profits they obtain through their trading platform. Compound interest is paid out on your bitcoin savings every month.

Wallets are all cold storage, meaning they are kept securely offline. Withdrawing money from the account can take up to 24 hours to allow for security checks, but if anything, this is what makes the platform special – by not allowing instant withdrawals, you are more likely to treat the wallet the same way you treat a normal bank account.

We have personally been using Magnr as our online savings account for over a year, and have managed to stop mistaken transactions going out of the account by simply mailing support, and gathered a good amount of interest.